Thứ Hai, 27 tháng 4, 2009

Queer Eyes for Nearly Straight Movies

300: Many muscular men fight to get the hole.
A History of Violence: Two leather guys try to lay a naked man.
Ashes of Time: Gang-bang in the middle of the desert.
Interview With A Vampire: Being tired of one-night-stands, two vampires found a family with a little girl.
Shut the Eyes While Opening the Windows (not shot yet, but will come out soon): A young boy is waiting for being touched by a man from the neighborhood every morning.
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: A boy helps an other boy in coming out of the ring.
The Matrix: Callboys try to get out of the knocking shop.
The Motorcycle Diaries: Two young men ride hard an old bike.
Titanic: An icy death rather than a fat woman.
Top Gun: A guy's gun takes an other guy's breath away in the sky.
Troy: A man's vengence for his manly lover.
X-Men: Men with X-Chromosom try hard to be respected as men.
X-Men: the Last Stand: The very last fabulous excitement of the X-Men.
X-Men Origins: Wolwerine: What Wowereit* once was.

*Wowereit is the openly gay mayor of Berlin (Germany)

(to be continued)

Copyright (c) by Marcus

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  1. tớ thấy quả hay nhất là "300" :))

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  2. Vậy là biết gout của Nhị Linh rồi nhé hé hé.

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  3. Cuoi sac mau. Cam on em iu :D

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